recent updates

an apology and mirrors moving

22.10.2019 19:11 Before i start with the actuall news entry, i want to say sorry. The site has been down for a really long time due to a php configuration mistake that i did. How ever i could restore the site without any fourther problems. And come to you with a good news: all the mirrors and the 2dp repo page have been moved to a new page and should be finaly working correctly again. Also see the new mirrors page.


13.09.2019 14:48 Hello again.. I already did that before, but after a reinstall this page reverted back to an older backup cause i was beeing dump, i will tell you here all that happened again. * lc has been abandoned * a new game, fighting arena, has been released * sbp server stopped due to it's new developer * we are now hosting a sbyw server * we will soon have a forum ready That's basically it.

lc 0.3 public beta 2 was released


lc public beta 2 was published. Download it from the games page.

sbp server was closed

2018.10.06 0:06

because of almost no usage, the sbp server was token down. please send us ideas. btw, contat page was updated.

lost city public betha released

2018.10.02 14:30

the lost city 0.3 public betha 1 was released. Check it out at the games page

some updates


wow, i forgot to write news for a while

  • lost city is out
  • we are now at version 0.21 and have cheat codes and kills
  • tk went down, unfortunately
  • we now host sbp that's all

hosted games added


A new section was added to my page. Hosted games. For that a new line was added to the privacy.

potcast feed to the maps play section repaired

june 28 2018 20:38

just found out that the potcast feed in the 2dp maps section still linked to the old page. It is fixed now.

new page

june 19, 2018

i got ride of epizy and switched to square7.

here is the corectet link for the simstudios backup

the complete site wasn't changed that hart. Just some links had to change their destination.

simstudios backup

june13, 2018

So, finaly, a simstudios page backup was added. That can't be indexed by google or other bots like this. Adleast, my robots.txt says that.

here you can access it

new page, new map and new audio

june 13,2018.

Some more stuff was added today

  • The betha of the simterslab 2dp map *an audio for that
  • a planed stuff page like you could find it on the simstudios page

P. S: if you want, that simstudios page will be published as backup.

new page

june 12, 2018 O, production of this page runs so fast now, i just added a new page, check it out in the main menu.

the simterblog broke

june12, 2018

hi folks, it seams like after i installed the datenstrom yellow system, the simterblog broke. But now, i don't need it anymore. I will do the news thing here.

welcome to a little redisign

june 12, 2018

hi. The whole page just got a big update thanks to the datenstrom yellow system. That might be how the fineshed site will look like.

thanks for reading