Here are my games. Currently only one game but hay

fighting arena

Fighting arena is my first real game, that i completely coded my self. It's a simple fighting sidescroller with

  • play as long as you want, or as you can face the enemies, who knows.
  • enemies get stronger from level to level
  • play the survival mode, where enemies also try to run away to get health boosters.
  • face the devil and his allis in the hell mode, jump over obstacles and dodge stones and spikes.
  • more planed

Please note that this is the first version of fa. So it's pritty small. Also the used enemies are from community foid which was created by aprone. I have no official permission to use these, if aprone doesn't want it i will take them back out. See contact.


These are games that are no longer developed by me.

lost city

Lost city is a cool sidescroller in which you have to survive zombies. It contains

  • 4 zombie types
  • a cool map
  • a base computer
  • auto updater
  • manual included

please note that this game is based of zombies arena, thanks to mason armstrong for this game.

download link Note that this game has been abandoned for the reason that it's code is really messy, same for the public beta. Bugs are more then likely to be there.

lost city 0.3 public beta

the public beta of a soon upcoming version of lc, but most parts are still in works

download link