Here are my games. Currently only one active and one abandoned but hay

(in the works): how hart escaping can get

How hart escaping can get is a fast escaping game in which you have to escape rooms with many obstacles. You got put in there by a mad professor who wants to try out a bad form of robotics and explosives out on humans. more info will be provided on release.

estimated release time: 15.11.2019

fighting arena

Welcome in the fighting arena! This is an entertaining sidescroller. It's still in beta stages, but it already has some fun stuff you can do. * level up and make it your self easier in the beginner mode * level up and make it harder in the hart mode * fight your enemy endless and stop it from geting health boosts in the survival mode * fight endlessly, try to stop your enemy from geting health boosters, and don't forget to not get in the way of a falling rock, killed by a spike, kicked by the devil rocket or fall into a pit. download:

abandoned games

lost city

Lost city is a really basic sidescroller in which you have to survive zombies. It contains

  • 4 zombie types
  • a map
  • a base computer
  • auto updater
  • manual included

please note that this game is based of zombie arena, thanks to mason armstrong for this game.

download link