i was banned from the audiogames forum

Hay guys. It's me again, simter. As you may have seen, i was banned from the audiogames forum in this topic for 1 year. In my opinion, this is overboard and also it again awgwartly shows what the audiogames forum has been turning into lately. In small words, i was banned for speaking my mind. This will only be a short quick statement on what happened, how i see what happened, and what i will do now.

1. what happened

The user in the audiogames forum named staticmaster has asked for a mac osx vm. The mod team gave him a warning for it. I then asked them why the warning, cause i did not understand. At this time, i was indeed a bit uninformed about the mac and also, admitted, didn't take so much time reading the posts in the night as i would have on daaytime, which was also the result of my ban. i said the following. "@7 i doesn't even expect geting a vallit response, but i ask the mod time one more time to backup this stance, and i mean with links not with quotes. You did not do this 5 months aggo and suddenly turned silent when i asked the team for a link to what they where refering too, so right now this warning is baseless. Btw i know i am still on watch but since this watch was only pursued to make me shut up i wont follow this and still speak my mind about the nonsense that goes on here some times and it unfortunately gets worse and worse." At this point though i did not lie and did not add stuff that was not soposed to be there. I did not do this in the whole topic, how ever i did a huge misunderstanding, later more to that. The oonly bad thing you could say about this post is that i was a bit rude in the last part about the watch, a fact that jayde is now holding onto, but later more to that. I at first, as i expected, got no vallit response. Jack said: "@Simter: Did you not see the Apple license agreement quoted in other thread s of this type? Do your own research before presenting bad faith arguments." Yes jack, i saw that. How ever it was not backing your stance up, adleast what i remember. The only thing that liam has quoted there is a line giving a few examples where to run a mac virtualisation. It did not say that it was not allowed else where. Also ogood job! You have learned from jayde and now also use the bad faith word now when ever you want even if it makes sense or not, and at this point i was not even really starting an argument, i was just telling you a concern i have. After i wrote basically that in other words in my next post, jack said: "@Simter: That's because you, the licensee, assume no right not expressly granted to you. A mac user does not own the mac, they have purchased a license to operate the mac. Those quotes were from the Mac OS license agreement, so how more authoritative of a source do you need?" Ok, then that would be the first license that i write. "You are allowed to play the game. You are also allowed to press the arrow keys, the escape key, and also the letters. You are allowed to exit the game, to unpack it, to run it's exe, and so on." After i then mocked him with this post, ethin said: "@16, bad faith means an intent to deceive. And yes, this is strictly illegal under Apples license agreement: J. Other Use Restrictions. The grants set forth in this License do not permit you to, and you agree not to, install, use or run the Apple Software on any non-Apple-branded computer, or to enable others to do so. You agree not to remove, obscure, or alter any proprietary notices (including trademark and copyright notices) that may be affixed to or contained within the Apple Software. Except as otherwise permitted by the terms of this License or otherwise licensed by Apple: (i) only one user may use the Apple Software at a time, and (ii) you may not make the Apple Software available over a network where it could be run or used by multiple computers at the same time. You may not rent, lease, lend, sell, redistribute or sublicense the Apple Software." Ok, now he got me. Not only cause me beeing wrong in terms of the license agreement, but also because i did not read this to the end cause i was tired and it was nighttime at the time, a thing i have mentioned before. I then said "@19 read your own quote, and then come back." This was maybe a bit rude, but still does not make a 1 year ban or a warning happen. It is ttrue though that it was not 100 percent complete. Then jack came in, swinging the moderation header that for me translated mostly only means cringe these days. "Moderation: Ok, Simter, it's enough. It's clear you are just stirring the pot at this point. All of these posts reference materials that are clearly available, and instead of conceding, you put on a show for us knowing full well you were on watch. This argument is entirely in bad faith, so there's no productivity brought forth herein. For violating your watch, we are instituting the ban set forth in [this post](https://forum.audiogames.net/post/566927/#p566927]. See you in a year." See you in a year. Professionality shows. But in general, now to the part where i give a general statement.

2. what do i think about this

I guess it is self explanatory that i am not at all a fan of this decision. But i also don't think it was completely correct. Simply because 1 year for an argument that wasn't even a drama fire? Really now? Also jayde admitted later that it is technically possible to get warnings for disagreement. Also, wasn't jayde the dude that kepd complaining cause i was such a bad cherry picker? Then look at that joy over there. "Please remember that Simter was already on watch for plenty of shit-disturbing before now. Had this been a singular occurrence, he probably gets a warning at the absolute worst. But he was clearly trying to start trouble. No, a bad-faith argument in and of itself won't get you warned or banned. But when you come into a topic with no intention except to raise hell, and you even cite the watch you've been put on and say you don't care because it was only used to shut you up? Yeah, that's blatant disregard that justifies punitive action." That's cherrypicking on it's best and also kind of wrong, i never come into topics just to start a drama, that was never and will never be my intenssion. You know how you call that? Character assassination and also partly disrespect. General, when ever you do an action against me, it is noticeable that you just want to get my out of the forum and you do that with the cheapest ways that exist. But i am not here to say that, that will come in a longer article that i am not in the mood of writing right now, have nicer things to do, like coding on my new game update, stay tuned.

3. what will i do next

Well, wait for the ban to expire i guess. I don't think that the one year ban will be hold, simple cause of it's redicule. The only thing that bothers me about is that i am basically forced to leave a place that had it's nice sides, like, yeah even maybe the community seamed like a community sometimes. I want to thank my friends and also the other people that speak out what they think, especially jayjay and supremekiller right now. Let's hope more people and maybe even somebody from the mod team is good enough to do that as well. Unfortunately our community forgets way to fast, which means even this will fall under the table after a few days. Don't let this happen. This, and i don't mean corona 😢^, but the freedom of speech in this forum. Don't make it sink down, but hold it up, no matter how the mod team tries to scare you of. And stay tuned on my own forum here, where i will post my new releases for now. I am working on a big update to how hard escaping can get, or as it will be called then, just labescape 🎁.


In this header i will respond to further posts happening in the topic.

16:31 Jayde has took reference to my past what led to this ban, i will say something to this in the bigger article i am planing, except it gets important more then once i will not respond here.

20:40 Again jayde, has said i was just wining in my statement. Well obwiously he hasn't even red it, because i even said that i did mistakes my self.


10:31 one of the moderation fans, targor with name, tries to make me look like a wining baby. How ever he has probably read the article cause otherwise he could not know what i said in there, that makes it even more sad cause then he is obwiously just presenting wrong facts. I don't even know what to say about this behavior except that i don't get why he does this.